Disch-DeClouet Social Service Center

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About Us

Disch-DeClouet Social Service interviews a clientThe Social Service Center has no paid staff and is run by approximately 35 dedicated, permanent volunteers. We also have temporary volunteers, such as seminarians who work at the center to get some small ideal of the scope of poverty and the problems of the poor in Iberia Parish and how the Social Service Center addresses this.

Our funding sources are:  Individual donations (62%), Churches (16%), United Way (16%), Other (6%).

The median age of our clients is 50. 60% of our clients are unable to work because of age or health. Many of our clients are homeless or transient. Over 1000 of the households we serve have children. Clients can get help once a month, but most of our clients come less than five times a year.


  • Doris Allen
  • Mary Beaullieu
  • Barbara Berry
  • Becky Boudreaux
  • Eula Brooks
  • Regina Brooks
  • Veronica Broussard
  • Dan Broussard
  • Laura Calligan
  • Connie Comeaux
  • Susan D’Avy
  • Chris D’Avy
  • Carrie Dore
  • Connie Francois
  • Carol and Louis Gaignard
  • Loretta Gonsoulin
  • Wynn Gonsoulin
  • Bernice Gray
  • Lois Hawkins
  • Catherine Jones
  • John Indest
  • Diane Malachino
  • Sylvia McHugh
  • Louise Moore
  • Virginia Molbert
  • Mathilde Nelson
  • Carmen Nicholson
  • Jane Patin
  • Ann Perez
  • Jearayne Poole
  • Mary K. Resweber
  • Cathy and Ray Scott
  • Claudette Sonnier
  • Ted Trahan
  • Jaynell Van Zile
  • Onella Viltz
  • Cassandra Watson
  • Catherine Wattigny